Chairman's Message

Mr. _____________ _____

D.A.V. Public School, Kendujhargarh, the very name conjures up the vision of an institution dedicated to realize Swami Dayananda’s ideal. Since its inception in 1990 it has now acquired tremendous growth with nearly 4859 students from LKG to Senior Secondary level distributed in 105 sections. Our workforce comprises of 162 teaching staff, 45 non-teaching members and 22 employees in transport facility system. The majestic structure of its building proudly stands erect on a land of 4 acres in Abhinav Bidanasi amidst halcyon surroundings, far from the madding crowd of the city. In a short span of time it made a quantum leap and made a phenomenal progress. The school has become an institution to be reckoned with. It has not only carved a niche for itself but also enjoys great renown of its own. It is directly managed by the DAV College Trust and Management Society, New Delhi. The school is endorsed with infrastructure essential for an ideal learning environment. All the class rooms are spacious, airy, lighted and well ventilated. They are also fitted with close circuit cameras for the close monitoring of the class activities. It is an institution where students are not only getting quality education but an all round grooming of their mind, body and soul. Since the inception of the school, our students have been very actively participating in various curricular & co-curricular activities and winning laurels at Zonal, State and National levels.